Octopus and Fırat Neziroğlu Collaboration at Contemporary Istanbul!

Octopus announces its new product that will enable NFT works to be carried into physical life in collaboration with Fırat Neziroğlu at Contemporary Istanbul!

Thanks to Octopus, our platform that aims to eliminate the two main problems of the "Digital Signage" category, the need for industrial displays and content creation, we are pleased to announce our new product that will enable NFT works. It will be brought to physical life at Contemporary Istanbul in collaboration with Fırat Neziroğlu.

Artifacts certified with the NFT (non-fungible token) blockchain technology and the great interest of Generation Z in these artifacts have become one of the most important trends of recent years.

With the special project we realized with Fırat Neziroğlu for the first time at Contemporary Istanbul with Octopus, we launched a brand new business model in the "updatable artworks" and NFT category. Fırat Neziroğlu's "Futuristic Prince" was moved to the digital art category through the Octopus Platform.

In a very short time, we managed to add important brands of the retail world to our portfolio with our digital signage products in the UK, Italy, Germany, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria and Romania. Our technology, which we developed especially for the problems experienced by industrial displays in content and measurement management, enabled us to differentiate and scale from our competitors in Europe in a short time. Today, we have created the "updatable artwork" category in the art world by bringing together Fırat Neziroğlu's Anatolian-inspired weaving works on our screens. We are already very excited about our special collaborations with new artists around the world.

At Contemporary Istanbul, the first international art event organized in Turkey after the pandemic restrictions, the work titled "Futuristic Prince" realized in collaboration with Octopus and Fırat Neziroğlu became the most expensive work of the event with a price of 60 thousand dollars.