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Marks & Spencer

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M&S uses large stores to showcase their wide range of products to their customers. This made it very difficult for them to control what was going on in their huge stores. They struggled to understand the behavior of their customers, such as how long they stayed inside, which department they spent the most time in. Although they are very active in the digital world and understand which products in their catalogs are gaining traction, it is not possible for them to do the same in their stores/in the offline world. 


With Octopus' Video Analytics solution, M&S gained insights into the effectiveness of its on-screen campaigns, including a demographic breakdown, supported by detailed analytics data. Building on this success, the project will be extended to include the Octopus Wi-Fi solution, allowing M&S to dig deeper into customer behavior in its stores. This extension will provide valuable insights into the specific areas of the store where customers spend the most time, improving their understanding of customer interaction and preferences. 


The project started with Octopus Video Analytics and will continue with Wi-Fi Analytics for customer behavior analysis. Despite being at a very early stage of the project, M&S has already started collecting valuable real daily data from its stores. They've just updated their marketing strategy based on the relevance data they get from the content displayed on their screens.


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