About Us

How did we start?

The founder of Octopus' story Mr. Emre Yıldız's words.

The founding story of our startup started with making these screens more efficient and analyzing their content in a category where everyone focuses on selling screens. We started with a brand that is widespread in the DIY market in Turkey. We proved that signage can be done with any Smart TV by rejecting industrial TV for this brand. Immediately afterwards, we went on an investment round and raised early-stage investment to realize this business idea. The start of the business idea was born from the problem of updating the paper posters sent to the stores and the fact that signage products could not become widespread due to the high cost of industrial displays, and that these displays could not be measured and their impact on sales could not be analyzed.

As of today, Octopus Signage exists as a cloud-based interactive and measurable Digital Signage solution that goes beyond taking screens and managing content. It also promises to offer a 360-degree offline digital experience to support its customers' sales and marketing strategies with the data it collects through "sensors". In this way, Digital Signage offers an ecosystem called "Phygital" with its Analytics, Cash Integration, Lift & Learn, Payment, and Editor products, redefining the "Physical" world with the measurement capabilities of "Digital". We perform behavioral analysis to create a seamless offline digital experience that drives customer interaction, and we aim to support your sales and marketing strategies by analyzing people's tastes.