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Men's clothing brand Kiğılı had over 250 screens supported by a centralized display management system. However, due to the brand's exclusive focus on men, these systems were insufficient to effectively reach the target audience. With no way to measure the success of the content being displayed or receive feedback, marketing and sales decisions were based on general opinion, and the accuracy of these choices was uncertain.


Octopus launched its Video Analytics service, which includes the Conditional Content feature, in Kiğılı stores. This strategic implementation allowed Kiğılı to effectively engage with the target audience/visitors, ensuring that communication takes place at exactly the right time for optimum impact, while enabling comprehensive target audience analysis. As a result, screens in stores seamlessly transformed into dynamic communication channels. This evolution plays an important role in Kiğılı's strategy and encourages the development of different communication approaches tailored to specific branches.


Kiğılı conducts customer analysis based on real data in branches where Octopus technology is applied. Thanks to the insights gained from this data, the brand is able to communicate effectively with male customers, its primary target audience.


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