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BrewMood was using traditional paper-based menu boards, which limited their flexibility to showcase new products and update prices. The absence of technology hindered their ability to recognize the effectiveness of their content and provide reliable feedback to the marketing team. BrewMood acknowledged the different audience segments in cafés, but was unable to sense this due to the lack of technological tools in their business.


Octopus revolutionized BrewMood's menu boards, starting the project with its core product Octopus Digital Signage. This solution allowed BrewMood to effortlessly manage menu boards in one location and across multiple stores. Through Octopus Video Analytics, BrewMood gained insights into product appeal based on location and demographics such as age and gender.


For each coffee shop, BrewMood has learned more about their customers' tastes and needs. As a result, they are achieving better results as they build their strategy based on the data collected. They can now incorporate their physical stores into their more flexible digital world where their content is measurable.


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