Make Your Screen Management a Success with Octopus Content Management!

Make Your Screen Management a Success with Octopus Content Management!

When we created the motto "more than digital signage" for Octopus, even calling ourselves "smart signage", there were many reasons for this. One of them is ease of content management. In today's conditions, digital screens are becoming more and more attractive, attracting people's attention and increasing quality are more easily accessible through these screens. We have tried to think of everything and do our best for both corporate businesses and individual users. With Octopus Content Management System, it is possible to create eye-catching designs while attracting the attention of customers.

1- Editor

Octopus has a very strong content pool. It is possible to create a pool with all products for corporate companies. Since all products are available in the editor with article numbers, instant product changes and price changes can be displayed on the screens. Thanks to the business line information you have selected while becoming a member of Octopus, you can select many ready-made product images in that category, determine their prices and display them on the screen. With Octopus Content Management, it is possible to make your own design in a few steps, you will not need any technical knowledge.

2- Instant Screen Update

What is displayed on your screens is entirely up to you. You can plan this in advance and decide what to show instantly. With Octopus Content Management, you can perform server connectivity and content upload status in real time. By synchronizing your screens and social media accounts, you can instantly reflect a post, story or any update you share from your social media account on your screen.

3- Planning Process

Release timing can sometimes be intimidating for businesses or individual users. Once you have created your own poster, you can upload it to the screen with the Octopus Content Management System and enter it into the dashboard when you want it to be shown. You can schedule when you want the content to be shown, you have the flexibility.

Once you have created the playlist, you can select which content you want to be shown, when and for how long. You can delete content from the playlist that you no longer want to be shown on the screen. You will have full control over your screens.

If you want to find your playlist ready to be viewed at the times you set for weekdays/weekends, simply select the date and time, and you can also plan ahead for special occasions and specific events. How much of what content is displayed on the screens is entirely up to you.

Thanks to Octopus Content Management System, you will be able to carry out this scary process like a professional. This system, which will provide you with countless benefits, also promises great convenience. While enjoying different features, you will have the opportunity to create your corporate identity or local store identity by improving the customer experience. The most important step to achieve this is to start with Octopus!