How Digital Signage is Shaping the Future of Business

We are all familiar with the concept of "display" in the traditional sense. In marketing, it is a tool designed to help people recognize or identify a place or brand. This is an important part of any business and can be anything from wall signs to framed sidewalk signs.

From this point of view, we can define "Digital Signage" as the version of this tool that has been developed by keeping up with the ever-evolving technologies of our age and has reached completely different dimensions as a result.

So why should brands, especially small and medium-sized businesses, keep pace with these developments?

We've done the research for you and put together a summary of the benefits of investing in digital display to grow your business.

1) Increases Customer Loyalty

Digital Signage technology is widespread enough among large companies today that we have a wealth of data and case studies to study and observe its marketing benefits. Not surprisingly, studies have proven that digital displays lead to more sales than traditional static displays.

Some even call it the "silent salesman of the 21st century". A very efficient salesperson indeed, capturing 400% more views than static displays.

You can hire as many salespeople as you like, you can even have them greet potential customers at the door and wave lighted screens in the hope of guiding them inside; this strategy will certainly attract attention, but most people don't like real people directly suggesting to them what to buy. Otherwise, with all due respect to door-to-door salesmen, this would be the surest way to make a profit.

Digital displays can do this imperceptibly but effectively. A survey by FedEx Office shows that 76% of customers agree to enter a store simply because digital displays catch their attention, which leads us to the next section...

2) Leads to More Purchases and Impulse Buying

The same survey showed that 68% of customers purchased a product in the store they entered because of digital displays. Ads with dynamic communication and visuals increase the number of messages you can deliver to potential customers, which leads to more purchases from passers-by. Most of us can admit to making unplanned purchases, because why not? It is possible to see this effect of digital screens in a negative light, but remember that this is not the same as manipulating someone into buying your product. It's just a way of showing the right product to the right customer at the right time.

3) Increases Customer Satisfaction

Well-placed and well-targeted digital displays can increase customer satisfaction, which in turn reflects positively on your brand awareness. A customer who leaves your store thinking that they received fast and quality service will surely open the door to others through word of mouth.

One way Octopus technology enables this is through payment integration, which makes every screen e-commerce ready. By scanning the QR code of the ad and using the integrated payment system, customers can instantly buy the product they see on the digital screen, or even have it shipped to their home if they can't get it in-store.

4) Turns Measurable Data into Profit

Digital Signage collects data on the effectiveness of targeted advertising, giving you a concrete answer on whether you are spending your time and budget in the right direction.

This creates a window for you to observe what kind of designs your target audience is interested in and which products they like more, allowing you to make more informed advertising and preventing you from wasting time and money on approaches that will not benefit your business.

5) Cost Effective

Entering the digital world doesn't mean spending huge sums to grow your business. With the exception of producing new content (which you can do yourself using Octopus' EDITOR module with no prior design experience required), once you've made the initial investment in the necessary hardware and software, recurring costs are minimal.

We have designed our software to be compatible with all kinds of displays, not just industrial displays, to make it easier for you to take your business into the future. We hope we have been able to answer some of your main questions about digital signage. Although we have tried to mention all the prominent items in this field here, there are many more advantages that we cannot count. We look forward to sharing them with you in our future blog posts.