O. T. Trendbox

We transformed our valuable insights and data such as association analysis and what was purchased at what time into a project that will increase in-store sales and turnover.

B. K. Soulmate

Thanks to Octopus, we started to easily manage our daily recommendations, coffee varieties and special menus on screens. With Octopus' target audience analysis capability, we started to communicate accurately with our customers.

B. Ş. M&S

With Octopus, we can see, plan content and monitor all our stores on a single and easy-to-use panel. It facilitates our digitalization goals with the special solutions it offers us.

M.B Kiğılı

With the Digital Signage and Video Analysis services provided by Octopus, we have the ability to deliver the right product to our customers at the right time. When we produce the right campaign for the target audience, we definitely see the effect of this on the sales side.

Z. Y. BrewMood

Since we started working with Octopus, our content management on the screens has become much easier. We can update prices and promotions with a single click