More than digital signage🚀

Octopus positions itself in the market that no one has yet dominated. Its main focus is not to sell industrial displays but ensure that the content displayed on the screen is returned to sales in the most accurate way.

We do not do digital signage, we do smart signage.

Digital signage tries to sell you screens. But nobody talks about this: how do you make sales thanks to this screen, can I show special content to the person looking at the screen, can I live stream, can I show an instant campaign?

We are Octopus, we reject industrial screens.

Industrial screens are very costly, technology has advanced so much and people can now do it much cheaper. We believe that retail and small businesses can make very healthy signage without industrial displays and increase their interaction.

We have a very powerful editor,

It has facilities for people who will update the screens. -You can create content with your product article numbers, then when you specify a discount for X product in stock, Octopus finds the jpeg of that article and displays the design prepared according to your corporate in the store you want.

A source of ıncome for yourself.

We love to help small business with Octopus Ads 🐙

If you are a company/store/market chain with many screens, you can also ensure that the screens you place are used by the local people living there.

You can also use it for brands that want to advertise on your screens.

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Our features😎

Octopus promises you unprecedented features.

Octopus ADS 📣

Use the power of instant update.

Octopus NFT 👑

Own your NFT Gallery.

Octopus Payment 💳

Octopus is also a Fintech company.

Octopus AI 👀

Who looked at this image for how many seconds? Do you think this is important? Here is Octopus! 🐙  

Our goals:

"Help small business owners make better digital signage."


Why Choose Octopus?

How It Works?

Fast & easy application process here ✋

Octopus is easy to download, it’s very simple.

Get a Smart Tv 📺

And login to the Store.

Download Octopus ⬇️

Type ‘Octopus’ and download it.

That's It!⭐️

Your screen is ready to use and manage.


What our clients say?

Jack Whitaker

Store Owner

“It fits our needs perfectly. I will refer everyone I know. I became the most preferred advertiser of the neighborhood with Octopus ADS!

Jim Bergling

Founder Faceyou

“Keep up the excellent work. It’s all good. Thank You! I have gotten at least 50 times the value from you.”

Sofia Contadino

Founder Cake Ini

“Nice work on your company. We can’t understand how we’ve been living without advertising!”

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CES 2023, Here We Come!

CES 2023, Here We Come! We are beyond excited to announce that we will be attending CES 2023, the most influential and inspirational tech event

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