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Octopus Video Analytics


What is Octopus Video Analytics?

Understanding customer behavior is essential to developing better relationships and creating effective sales strategies.

Through Video Analysis, an advanced facial scanning technology, Octopus detects visitors' demographic characteristics such as gender and age, while also tracking their interaction time with the displayed content. The collected data is processed, resulting in the production of adaptive conditional content adjusted for the target audience. By providing instant personalized images through the prepared conditional content, targeted interaction is achieved through screens at the right time and place.


Where is Octopus Video Analytics Used?

Octopus CMS supports Videowall technology, allowing users to create wide-screen and impressive digital displays. Videowall refers to large screens created by combining multiple screens connected together. With Octopus' Videowall support, content creators can create visually striking and eye-catching content for large-scale digital billboards, signage, or event spaces. With the flexibility to manage each screen individually or synchronously, Octopus delivers an immersive experience to viewers using Videowall technology.

With our LCD and LED screen support, we offer users the opportunity to use different types of digital screens. LCD screens have a wide range of uses, from offices to retail stores, while LED screens are used in a variety of areas, from larger-scale outdoor advertising to event venues. Octopus' LCD and LED display support allows creators to create content optimized for both types of displays. Thus, users can deliver appropriate and effective messages to their target audiences.

Tablets allow customers to have a more interactive experience in-store. Octopus' tablet support allows content creators to easily manage content to be displayed on tablets. This gives in-store customers the chance to provide product information, promotions, interactive catalogs and more. It can also be used to capture customer feedback and improve customer experience via tablets. Octopus CMS maximizes this interactive and personal experience that tablets offer.

Providing an integrated solution for Kiosks and other self-service terminals, Octopus gives customers the ability to search for products, get information, sign ups, surveys and more. It can also be used to collect customer data and optimize business processes through Kiosks. Octopus CMS helps businesses increase customer satisfaction and increase business efficiency by supporting these practical and effective solutions offered by Kiosk technology.


How to Manage Octopus Video Analytics

Managing digital displays on one or more screens doesn't have to be complicated. At Octopus, we designed our platform to provide you with a seamless experience, whether you're managing a single screen or thousands of screens. Here's how our features help you take control effortlessly.

Central Cloud
Based System
Custom Screen Groups
and Playlists
Planning is Now Very Simple
User Permissions and Roles
Uploading Media
and Editing Online
Real-Time On-Screen Diagnostics

Why Octopus?

In the ever-evolving environment of the digital world, Octopus stands out by being groundbreaking through offering an effortless, yet powerful solution tailored to your needs. So, what makes us different?

Seamless Integration: Our system is as intuitive as the apps you use every day; imagine combining the simplicity of Netflix with the creative freedom of Canva. We have developed a solution that can be integrated into all screens and provides the comfort you expect from modern technology.

User-Friendly Interface: We believe that advanced technology should not come with a steep learning curve. That's why we designed an interface that is not only visually appealing, but also extremely user-friendly. We make complex tasks simple, putting the power of the digital display at your fingertips.

Innovative and Up-to-Date: As a technology company, we do not just respond to changes; we foresee these. Our in-house developed technology adapts and evolves, constantly evolving with new features. We're committed to keeping you ahead of the pack by ensuring our updates strengthen your communications strategy.

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