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Ever wonder why, in a shopping app, you see tailored ads based on your wishlist, but when you step into a mall, the screens don't seem to know your preferences? Enter Octopus Signage, a cloud-based, interactive, and measurable Digital Signage solution that introduces a 'Phygital' ecosystem, seamlessly blending the 'Physical' world of shopping malls with the precise measuring capabilities of the 'Digital' world. This innovative approach revolutionizes how we engage with the world around us, offering personalized experiences not just online but also when you step into your favorite brick-and-mortar stores. Octopus brings cutting-edge technology to enhance your in-store experience: Triggering Tech ensures personalized and prompt attention, bringing the capability offline to engage and interact with everyone in your store simultaneously. Conditioned Content provides instantly personalized displays based on viewer gender and age range, ensuring targeted interaction at the right time and place. RFID – Lift & Learn transforms your shopping experience with additional information about lifted products and an opportunity for upselling. Cashier Integration strategically offers related items via screens during checkout, capitalizing on cross-selling opportunities. Mobile APP Connection establishes a seamless link between customer data in integrated mobile applications and in-store screens, allowing customers to view products from their mobile apps in the physical store. The seamless integration of these features transforms your shopping experience into a dynamic and personalized journey.

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