Octopus Receives Award from Istanbul Marketing Awards for its Application at Lisbon Web Summit

Octopus Receives Award from Istanbul Marketing Awards for its Application at Lisbon Web Summit

Octopus' innovative approach with screens at the Web Summit in Lisbon received an award from the Istanbul Marketing Awards.

Octopus presented the technology behind OctopusNFT displays at the annual Web Summit technology conference in Lisbon. In addition to highlighting that with Octopus technology it is possible to physically own and showcase digital NFT assets, Octopus also realized its goals of building high brand awareness and reaching the maximum number of people suitable for the target audience through its participation in exhibitions.

While there was no Octopus booth at the fair held in Lisbon, more visibility was aimed at the fairs attended. From this point of view, a remarkable strategy was created with 14″ and 11″ framed screens in the brand's possession. The NFT collections created with this strategy built on the idea of "Beyond NFT" were exhibited on Octopus screens. When asked the question "Have you ever hugged an NFT?", it was stated that the screens used were actually NFTs. At the same time, data was collected through Linktree and social media and digital visibility was increased by co-marketing with other NFT collections.

As a result of the work done, a large part of the approximately 100,000 visitors to the fair were introduced to Octopus NFT products. In line with the needs of the brand, C-level managers, investment funds, NFT Marketplaces, professionals and contact information from the crypto world were reached. Again in this direction, art galleries, artists and collectors were reached and interaction was maximized with joint marketing activities.

Following this strategic approach, Octopus crowned its success by receiving the Gold Award in the Marketing Communication category with the Use of NFT at the Istanbul Marketing Awards 2022 held last week.