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“Minimal Renaissance” Meets OctopusNFT

“Minimal Renaissance” Meets OctopusNFT

Minimal Renaissance, in which the visual and movement artist Fuat Değirmenci brought a modern interpretation to the rare works of the Renaissance period, was launched as an NFT collection in collaboration with Dubai’s Art World Creation NFT Gallery and Octopus Signage.

The 3D digital artwork series consisting of bold brushstrokes and delicate motion reimagines prominent masterpieces of its era such as Vermeer’s “The Girl with a Pearl Earring”, Vinci’s “Mona Lisa”, Dali’s “The Elephants” and Gogh’s “Self Portrait”.

Binding together tradition and the cutting-edge technologies of our day, Değirmenci’s artistic renditions were also included in Designboom’s Top 10 NFTS of 2022 article.

The innovative NFT module developed by Octopus gives the buyers an opportunity to own a physical work of art alongside their NFT purchases. The works, which are minted on digital displays using Octopus NFT technology, don’t just sit in their owners’ cold wallets, but get to be displayed as the unique art pieces they are in the physical world.

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