• By placing an order through the Internet Site you are using, you are deemed to have accepted the preliminary information form and distance sales contract provided to you. 
  • Buyers are subject to the provisions of Law No. 6502 on Consumer Protection and the Distance Contracts Regulation (OG: 27.11.2014/29188) and other applicable laws regarding the sale and delivery of the purchased product. 
  • Shipping costs, which are the shipment expenses, will be paid by the buyers without any price limit. 
  • Each purchased product will be delivered to the person and/or organization at the address indicated by the buyer within the legal period of 30 days. If the product is not delivered within this period, the buyers may terminate the contract. Furthermore, in accordance with Article 9 of the Distance Contracts Regulation, this period can be extended for a maximum of 10 days, provided that it is notified to the consumer in writing or through a continuous data carrier. 
  • The purchased product must be delivered in complete and in accordance with the specified characteristics in the order, along with any warranty documents, user manuals, and invoices related to the product, if any. 
  • In the event that the sale of the purchased product becomes impossible, the seller must notify the buyer of this situation in writing within 3 days from the date of learning about it. The total amount must be refunded to the Buyer within 14 days. 


The contract date is the date the order is placed by the buyer. 


If the Buyer fails to pay the purchase price or cancels it in the bank records, the Seller’s obligation to deliver the product ends. 


  • You can make purchases on the website using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) or bank transfer. The time when orders are processed is determined by the moment when the necessary payment is collected from the credit card account or when the transfer (EFT) reaches the bank accounts. Payment methods that are carried out without prior consultation with customer services, such as cash on delivery or postal checks, are not accepted. 
  • After the product is delivered, if it is determined that the buyer’s credit card has been wrongfully used by unauthorized individuals and the payment for the sold product is not made to the seller by the relevant bank or financial institution, the buyer must return the product within 3 days at the seller’s expense for shipping. 
  • You can make the payment using a credit card.
  • On our website, you can take advantage of various online payment options for your credit cards. For online payments, the amount will be deducted from your credit card at the end of your order. 

If the product cannot be delivered within the specified timeframe due to unforeseen circumstances: 

  • Unforeseeable circumstances that were not present or predictable at the time of signing the contract, and that are beyond the control of the parties, which partially or completely prevent the fulfillment of the obligations and responsibilities stipulated in the contract or make it impossible to fulfill them on time, shall be considered as force majeure (natural disasters, war, terrorism, riots, changes in legislation, confiscation or strike, lockout, significant breakdown in production and communication facilities, etc.). 
  • If unforeseeable circumstances occur that the seller could not have anticipated and the product cannot be delivered within the specified timeframe, the situation shall be notified to the buyer. The buyer may request the cancellation of the order, replacement of the product with a similar one, or postponement of the delivery until the obstacle is removed. If the buyer cancels the order and has made the payment in cash, the refund will be made in cash within 14 days from the date of cancellation. If the buyer has made the payment by credit card and cancels the order, the product price will be refunded to the bank within 14 days from the date of cancellation, but it may take 2-3 weeks for the bank to transfer the amount to the buyer’s account. 
  • During the continuation of the force majeure, the seller shall not be held liable for the inability to fulfill their obligations. If this force majeure situation continues for a period of 30 days, each party shall have the right to unilaterally terminate the contract. 


  • The product/products will be delivered to the buyer’s address via the seller’s contracted courier. The delivery period is 30 days from the sending of the order confirmation email and the establishment of the contract. This period can be extended by a maximum of ten days if communicated to the buyer in writing or through a continuous data carrier. 
  • In cases where courier companies do not deliver to certain areas, the products will be sent with phone notification. 
  • In areas where the courier company delivers once a week, there may be delays in the specified timeframe due to inaccuracies or omissions in the shipping information, as well as events such as social incidents and natural disasters. The buyer cannot hold the seller responsible for such delays. If the product is to be delivered to a person/organization other than the buyer, the seller is not responsible for any additional shipping costs that may arise from the refusal of the recipient to accept the delivery, inaccuracies in the shipping information, and/or the absence of the buyer. If the product(s) has not reached the customer within the specified timeframe, delivery problems should be immediately reported to customer service via the email address hello@
  • The buyer shall inspect the goods/services subject to the contract before accepting the delivery. In case of damaged, broken, torn packaging, or defective goods/services, the buyer shall not accept the delivery from the courier company. In the case of damaged packages, the damaged packages should not be accepted, and a report should be prepared by the courier company representative. If the courier company representative considers the package to be undamaged, the buyer also has the right to request the package to be opened on the spot and have the contents checked for undamaged delivery, which should also be documented by a report. Once the package is accepted by the buyer, it is assumed that the courier company has fulfilled its duty and delivered the goods/services in an undamaged and intact condition. If the package is not accepted and a report is prepared, the situation should be reported to the Seller’s Customer Service with a copy of the report as soon as possible. The buyer must take care to protect the goods/services after delivery. If the right of withdrawal is to be exercised, the goods/services should not be used. The invoice should also be returned along with the product. If the product is returned to the seller in a used, worn-out condition, the seller has the right to return the product to the buyer, and in this case, no refund will be made. The return of disposable products or products with a high probability of rapid deterioration or expiration date is not accepted. 

Right of Withdrawal: 

The Buyer, without assuming any legal or penal liability and without stating any reason, may exercise the right of withdrawal from the contract by rejecting the purchased product within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery to themselves or to the designated address, provided that they inform the seller through the contact information below. 

Contact Information for Seller’s Right of Withdrawal Notification: 

Company Name: Octopus Technology Digital Solutions Inc. 

Address: Huzur Mah. Fatih Cad. No:67/16 Sarıyer/ISTANBUL 

E-mail: hello@

Phone Number: –  

Withdrawal Period: 

  • The withdrawal period starts on the day the service contract is concluded for contracts related to the provision of services, and on the day the goods are received for contracts related to the delivery of goods.
  • In service contracts where the provision of services begins with the consumer’s consent before the expiration of the withdrawal period, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised.
  • The expenses arising from the exercise of the right of withdrawal shall be borne by the seller.
  • To exercise the right of withdrawal, it is necessary to notify the seller in writing by registered mail, fax, or email within the 14-day period specified, and the product must not have been used in accordance with the provisions regarding “Products Ineligible for Withdrawal” in this agreement. 

Usage of the Right of Withdrawal: 

  • The invoice of the product delivered to a third party or the BUYER must be sent together (If the invoice of the product to be returned is corporate, it must be sent along with the return invoice issued by the company when returning. In the case of order returns invoiced to corporations, the return process cannot be completed unless a RETURN INVOICE is issued.)
  • The return form and the box, packaging, and standard accessories of the products to be returned must be delivered complete and undamaged.  


  • The seller is obliged to refund the total amount and return the documents that put the BUYER under debt to the BUYER within a maximum of 10 days from the receipt of the withdrawal notification, and to accept the return of the goods within 20 days.
  • If there is a decrease in the value of the goods due to a reason arising from the fault of the BUYER or if the return becomes impossible, the BUYER is liable to compensate the seller for the damages in proportion to their fault. However, the BUYER is not responsible for any changes or deterioration in the goods or products that occur due to their proper use within the right of withdrawal period.
  • If the campaign limit amount set by the seller is reduced due to the use of the right of withdrawal, the discount amount utilized within the scope of the campaign will be canceled. 


In case the BUYER defaults on payment, especially if the payment is made by credit card, the BUYER acknowledges, declares, and undertakes that they will be liable for interest payments and be responsible towards the issuing bank according to the credit card agreement between the BUYER and the bank. In this case, the respective bank may resort to legal remedies, claim incurred expenses and attorney’s fees from the BUYER, and in any event of the BUYER’s default on their debt, the BUYER agrees to compensate the SELLER for any damages and losses suffered as a result of the delayed performance of the debt.