Octopus shows a content on the screen, it shows whatever the content from the API is. Then, thanks to the camera on the screen, it starts counting of who looked at it for how many seconds. Male/female, young/old. According to software, everyone is all about age, gender, and staring seconds. It does not contain or record anything about the content such as who came to the store again. In an instant, the young man/young woman – looked for how many seconds, only the knowledge of this constitutes.

Which gender looking at the screen the most when you put the red content? When you write ‘discount’, ‘saving’, ‘free’ or use bold font, how much do these affect the viewing time of the person looking at the screen? How much does it attract your attention? When you show a family photo, does the viewing time increase or decrease?

After viewing frequency, age and gender information, Octopus starts making offers to you. Is there any content you want to show to the young man? Is there any content you want to send to an old woman? Is there a campaign? It shows this content to the viewer.

In fact, Octopus starts to make special offers for the age and gender of the person who is watching the screen without being aware of it.

(Please contact us if you have any question about security.)