You are faced with the perfection of being able to make Signage without an industrial screen. There is also a huge benefit here.

You just need to have a smart TV.

You can be a tailor, butcher, greengrocer or a pastry chef. And your own shop may have a smart TV. You can use both software and content management with Octopus.

Would you like to turn it into a local AD network via Octopus?

Let’s say a woman lives in your neighborhood and bakes a cake for birthday parties and special occasions. She wants to advertise in this neighborhood. Discover how to turn this into an advertisement in the easiest and most visible way, so that they can reach people living in the neighborhood through the screens in your shops!

The person who wants to advertise opens Octopus and sees which shops there are screens to advertise in the nearby area. After that, it is very simple, after passing a short moral test, it can join the localized advertising network on your screens by specifying its products and prices.

Come on try it!