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Increase 3x


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Target Audience

The Challenge

Kiğılı, a menswear brand, had over 200 screens supported by a central display management system. However, these systems proved inadequate in reaching their target audience effectively due to the brand's focus on only men. With no means to measure the success of displayed content or receive feedback, marketing, and sales decisions were reliant on general opinions, leaving the accuracy of these choices uncertain.

The Solution

Octopus has introduced the Video Analysis service, incorporating the Conditioned Content feature, in Kiğılı stores. This strategic implementation allows Kiğılı to engage effectively with the target audience/visitors, ensuring communication happens at precisely the right moment for optimal impact while enabling thorough target audience analysis. As a result, the screens within the stores have seamlessly transformed into dynamic communication channels. This evolution plays a pivotal role in Kiğılı's strategy, fostering the development of varied communication approaches tailored to specific branches.

Results Obtained

In branches where Octopus technology is implemented, Kiğılı conducts customer analysis based on real data. With insights derived from this data, the brand can establish highly effective communication with its primary target audience—male customers.

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