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Increase 3x


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120% more

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Target Audience

The Challenge

Brewmood relied on traditional paper-based menu boards, limiting their flexibility in showcasing new products and updating prices. The absence of technology hindered their ability to recognize the effectiveness of their content and provide reliable feedback to the marketing team. Despite acknowledging the diverse audience segmentation in coffee shops, Brewmood couldn't sense it due to the lack of technological tools in their establishments.

The Solution

Octopus revolutionized Brewmood's menu boards, starting the project with its main product, Octopus Digital Signage. This solution empowered Brewmood to effortlessly manage menu boards across their single location and multiple shops. Through Octopus Video Analytics, Brewmood gained insights into product attraction based on location and demographics like age and gender.

Results Obtained

Brewmood has gained more knowledge on their customers’ likes and needs for every single coffee shop. As a result, they obtain better results as they create their strategy based on the collected data. Now, they are able to involve their physical shops into their digital world, where they are more flexible, and their content is measurable.

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