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Octopus Smart Signage is in Dubai!

Octopus Smart Signage is in Dubai!

Having not yet completed its first year after the investment, Octopus has announced its partnership agreement with ABCOM Distribution LLC in Integrate Middle East 2023. Octopus is now available in Dubai and GCC countries.

IME 2023 (Integrate Middle East), where world’s leading global leaders in AV and media technology meet and bring together the most innovative solutions, was held in Dubai between 16-18 May. The organization hosted by Dubai World Trade Center brings together many global companies operating in the fields of education, media, entertainment, accommodation, retail and communication every year.

Developing innovative solutions with the slogan “More Than Digital Signage”, Octopus Smart Signage participated in the Integrate Middle East fair with ABCOM, one of the largest system integrators in the region, both in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf countries. The most important topic of this participation was that the parties signed a distributorship agreement covering the whole region during the fair.

Octopus founder Emre Yıldız expressed his thoughts with the words;

From the day we were founded as Octopus, our goal was to be in global markets. We are about to complete our first year after the investment and we’ve participated in fairs and events in countries such as Greece, Portugal, Spain, America and Germany.

In fact, this continuity was very important to find a place in the global market. Today, we’ve made an agreement with our strongest partner for Dubai and the MENA region. As a Turkish entrepreneur, it is an honor, pride and happiness to represent our country in this sense.

The fact that our product can find a place in such a tough market, that it is worthy of being sold by the biggest in the region, and that it can make a distributorship agreement both motivates us and shows how great our potential as a team is for what we can do.”

Octopus Signage is a technology company based on digital signage (smart screens) that brings the capabilities of the digital world (online) to the physical (offline) world. It analyzes the real-time data it obtained through its features under the titles of “Analysis Services”, “Interactive Products” and “Design Technologies”, and supports the brands it works with both in their sales and marketing targets and enables them to communicate correctly with their customer audiences.

ABCOM Distribution LLC is a leader in its sector, in which it has been operating for nearly 30 years, with its history of numerous turnkey projects. In terms of Digital Signage and analysis services, it aims to become more active in its region with the power it has gained by changing its technology and infrastructure preference to Octopus.

ABCOM will also take its place as a participant in the “GITEX Africa Tech & Start Up Event”, which will be held in Morocco between 31 May – 2 June 2023 with Octopus.

Moreover, Octopus Smart Signage, having just completed its first year, will be participating in the Retail Days on May 31 – June 1 and is taking firm steps towards globalization.

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