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Octopus received an investment of 6.5 million under the leadership of Kiğılı!

Octopus, which aims to eliminate the two main problems in the digital signage category, the need for industrial display and the problems of content creation, received an investment of 6.5 million in the early stage investment tour led by Kiğılı, with the participation of Sistem Global (SGlobe) and Cosmova.

After saying more than digital signage to ourselves, we tried to go a long way in a short time to achieve this. Trying to be a SaaS model that would interact between the cashier and the sales, between the social media and the screens, between the customer and the brand required this. The most important thing for us was to ensure that you can use your screens in the most efficient way, thanks to the software we developed.

Our main motivation during the investment process was the user-based advertising and artificial intelligence-based measurement and optimization we developed, and we are very happy with the result we achieved. Emre Yıldız, our founder, who has many years of experience in the retail sector, understands what retail needs and we are extremely pleased that the developments created in this way are met in the field.

We believe that we will continue to achieve successes one after another, thanks to the innovative solutions we found to the deficiencies in the sector.

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