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Octopus is attending ISE2023, woo! 🎉

What is ISE (Integrated Systems Europe)…

Integrated Systems Europe, which has been growing every year since the very first even held in 2004, is an exhibiton held in February every year, equivalent to the “Hall of Fame” in the field of AV visual integration.

The event has hosted more than 1,300 exhibitors, including countless new product launches, the number of attendees reaching numbers over 116,000.

A joint venture between the two leading industry associations for the global AV industry – AVIXA and CEDIA, ISE produces B2B exhibitons and conferences for the professional audiovisual, electronic systems integration and IT industries.

…and why is it important that Octopus is going to be there?

Here at Octopus, we define what we do as “More Than Digital Signange”. When we first started out, we aimed to create a platform that any business owner who wants to integrate their business with digital signage can easily benefit from. This led us to develop a technology that is both user and budget-friendly for small and medium-sized enterprises to take their businesses into the future.

Our main focus has never been solely on selling industrial displays. We wanted to capture the right audience with the right targeted marketing content and turn this into a profit opportunity for our users. And not having them spend thousands on industrial displays while doing so. Hence, we came up with 5 unique modules for brands that need targeted ads and SMEs that need a new revenue model.

We are proud to announce that Octopus will be attending ISE 2023 (Woo! 🎉) and our team is very excited to be taking part in this creative and collaborative atmosphere.

We look forward to meeting with the world leaders of the industry and sharing what we aim to bring to the world with the technology we have developed in the field of digital signage.

Digital Signage, but make it smart

So, what are these 5 features we’ve talked about and why do they make digital signage “smart”? We’ll go ahead and break down what Octopus has to offer.

The Ads module we have developed allows users to place digital ads based on the targeted customer, just like the Instagram algorythm. All the user needs is a screen and Octopus technology. This technology is not only compatible with industrial displays, making it a more budget friendly and viable option regardless of the size of the business.

Our Analytics module was developed in order to provide game-changing data for Octopus partners, through allowing them to create consumer-specific content by measuring the attention a targeted ad gets, based on age, gender and appearance. This data acquired is in no way stored or shared with third-parties and is used solely to offer a more personalized experience for the customers of our partners.

Our Editor module allows our users to design all necessary marketing content directly through Octopus, by either using pre-made tamplets or creating something entirely new. The user-friendly interface of this module allows one to use it even without any design experience.

Our Payment integration makes every screen e-commerce ready. By scanning the ad’s QR code and using the integrated payment system, customers can immediately purchase the item that caught their eye, even getting it shipped to their homes if they can’t reach the product in that particular store. In the end, instead of going to the store and returning home annoyed and empty-handed, both the customers are satisfied and the Octopus partner does not miss the potential sale.

Another unique feature that Octopus offers includes NFTs. OctopusNFT allows NFT’s to be displayed physically, as the unique art pieces they are. Once an NFT is minted to a screen, the screen immediately turns into an artwork displaying that particular NFT. So, NFT owners don’t have to keep their NFT’s just in their wallets anymore. Another advantage of Octopus is that we offer the option to purchase a screen if needed, in addition to the purchased NFT.

All this is what makes Octopus so much More Than Digital Signage.

We are very happy to be presenting this technology, which was only an idea once, at ISE in 2023.

For updates on the process, you can follow us on our social media accounts or visit our blog from time to time. See you at Barcelona!

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