“Minimal Renaissance” Meets OctopusNFT

“Minimal Renaissance” Meets OctopusNFT Minimal Renaissance, in which the visual and movement artist Fuat Değirmenci brought a modern interpretation to the rare works of the Renaissance period, was launched as an NFT collection in collaboration with Dubai’s Art World Creation NFT Gallery and Octopus Signage. The 3D digital artwork series consisting of bold brushstrokes and […]

Octopus and Fırat Neziroğlu Collaboration is at Contemporary Istanbul!

Octopus is announcing its new product, which will allow NFT works to be brought to physical life, at Contemporary Istanbul in collaboration with Fırat Neziroğlu! Thanks to our platform Octopus, which aims to eliminate the two most fundamental problems of the “Digital Signage” category, the need for industrial display and the problems of content creation, […]