Brew Mood Coffee, Tea

The Company

Brew Mood Coffee, Tea

The Challange

Brewmood was using paper-based menu boards. Therefore, they were not flexible both in displaying their new products and updating their prices. Besides that, they were not able to understand the power of their content and could not give reliable feedback to their marketing team. They also knew that every coffee shop has a different audience/customer segmentation, but they were unable to sense it due to lack of technology in their shops.

The Promo

The Solution

Octopus brings flexibility to Brewmood menu boards by starting the project with its main product, which is Octopus Digital Signage. With the help of this, Brewmood was able to manage their menu boards with ease based on their single location as well as all their other shops. Also, they started to under- stand which Brewmood product gets the most attraction based on location and demographics like age and gender through the Octopus Video Analytics service. After reviewing the data collected, they have managed to promote different products at different locations, targeting the related customer group with the help of Octopus Conditioned Content.

Results Obtained

Brewmood has gained more knowledge on their customers’ likes and needs for every single coffee shop. As a result, they obtain better results as they create their strategy based on the collected data. Now, they are able to involve their physical shops into their digital world, where they are more flexible, and their content is measurable.