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How Octopus Signage Effectively Managed a Shopping Mall Campaign

Welcome 2024! 🥳

We are proud to say that we have started the new year on a high note, as we share with you all a brand-new success story.

We have previously shared in many of our articles how Octopus technology turns data collected from the physical world into measurable data just like in the online world.

With OctoAds, we put this into practice for the very first time in cooperation with Demirören Media and AVMECRA.

Demirören Media wanted to advertise “Bir Derdim Var”, a new youth series to be aired on Kanal D.

In the advertisements shown in shopping malls in 4 provinces in cooperation with AVMECRA, the target audience was determined as young people.

Video analytics data on Octopus screens were instantly triggered, showing young men and women advertisements for the series.

At the end of the 1-week campaign, real-time and 96% accurate data was obtained from an advertisement given in physical life for the first time.

Data from Ankara Cepa Shopping Mall, one of the shopping malls where the campaign was displayed, were as follows;

Total passer-by number reached 910,977.

290,000 people viewed the screens in a week.
113,088 of those were “Effective Views”, making out the Effective View Rate to be 12.41%.

The Average View Time was 0.96 seconds.

A total of 46,671 men viewed the content for an average of 0.58 seconds.
A total of 31,109 women viewed the content for an average of 0.38 seconds.

42,383 viewers were in the 12-24 age range, which was the main targeted audience.

With the project that OctoAds tested for the first time in Turkey, it started a new era in the category of instant advertising display with real-time data.

We thank our advertisers Demirören Medya and Kanal D and our media partner AVMECRA.

We look forward to taking part in similar projects in the future.

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